Combines the Best Features of the Polycon II Design Artcon combines all the best features of the Polycon II lens design with high performance materials. The result is a thin lens that offers crisp visual acuity, predictable fitting, excellent surface characteristics, durability and oxygen delivery. Intended for: Polycon II replacement lenses Myopic and hyperopic patients […]


Enhanced Comfort Through Edge Lift Control Achievement is a unique patented junctionless back surface design that enhances wearing comfort and offers a simplified approach for greater GP fitting success. Intended for: Myopic and hyperopic patients who desire crisp, clear vision Patients with up to 2.50D of with-the-rule astigmatism Any GP lens refits Designs R1609 – […]


Thinsite is a single vision GP lens design with an ultra thin profile that enhances centration and promotes initial and long term comfort. The unique manufacturing technology and advanced material design properties enable Art Optical to maintain an ultra thin lens with maximum oxygen delivery for optimum corneal health. The advanced lens profile features the […]

MagniClear® and MagniClear plus®

MagniClear and MagniClear plus combine the clear distance optics of a spherical lens, the intermediate visual performance of a multifocal and the predictably crisp, near power of a bifocal—all in one easy step. Intended for: Patients 50 years+ and needs an add power from a +1.00D to +4.50D Current single vision GP lens wearers who […]

Reverse Geometry Custom GP’s

Reverse Geometry Custom GP’s Reverse geometry lenses have a central optical zone with a flatter radius of curvature as compared to the adjacent intermediate curve. While this type of lens design is used as a retainer lens for corneal reshaping, it is also an option for fitting the post-refractive cornea. Intended for: Post LASIK Radial […]

GP Torics

GP Torics Exceptional visual performance can be a reality for patients with even significant astigmatism. At Art Optical we provide a full range of lens options for your astigmatic patients. Typically when the prescription exceeds 2.00D of with-the-rule corneal cylinder, the percentage of success with a spherical design decreases. As corneal cylinder increases, a spherical […]

AKS (Art Keratoconic System®)

The Art Keratoconic System (AKS) features a simplified approach to keratoconic lens fitting through adaptive design and optical zone control. We believe that no single lens design is successful with every type of keratoconus patient. Therefore, our philosophy is that each case should be fit according to the shape and position of the cone and […]

ACE (Art Custom Eccentric)

An aspheric, back surface corneal GP contact lens design. When with-the-rule corneal cylinder exceeds 2.00D and the refractive cylinder increases accordingly, the percentage of success with a spherical design decreases. A spherical base curve can become more uncomfortable and the physical fit will appear less acceptable. This is when it is beneficial to utilize an […]

One Piece Bifocal

One Piece Bifocal Traditional Segmented, Prism Ballasted GP Bifocal The One Piece Bifocal is a prism ballasted bifocal featuring distance power in the upper half of the lens and near power in the lower portion of the lens. It utilizes high definition optics to eliminate transitional image blur between the distance and near powers. Intended […]


A Post-LASIK presbyopic lens featuring front CN technology With a wide-range of custom parameters available, CLASIKcn offers fitters the design flexibility today’s presbyopic patients demand, and can effectively restore peak post-surgical all-range acuity for those in need. Intended for: Post-LASIK patients Patients struggling with the modified mono effect Developing/advanced presbyopic stages Diagnostic Lens Set CLASIKcn […]

Bi expert®

Bifocal Contact Lens Patented slab off technology GP bifocal design gives patients immediate visual clarity for both up close and far visual needs. Intended for: Patients seeking uncompromised near vision All presbyopic patients Designs Bi expert is available in a wide range of parameters: Available in aspherical, spherical, back, and front toric designs to fit […]


Simultaneous Vision GP Multifocal! mPower! is a front surface center distance simultaneous vision GP multifocal developed for the advanced presbyopes requiring additional near-vision needs. mPower! uses multiple front-surface power zones with minimal base curve eccentricity without compromising distance VA or corneal molding concerns. The simultaneous power of the mPower! GP multifocal ensures effortless and translation-free […]

EXPERT Progressive

Multifocal contact lens designed like a progressive spectacle lens. Allows crisp intermediate vision without compromising near or distance vision. Intended for: All presbyopic contact lens wearers Clear, precise up close vision Designs The EXPERT Progressive is available in a wide range of parameters: Diameter 8.5mm, 9.0mm, 9.5mm, and 10.0mm Base curves from 6.90mm to 9.00mm […]

SoClear® Family

Clear, Comfortable, Healthy Vision SoClear corneal-scleral contact lenses are designed to equally distribute pressure along corneal and scleral surfaces offering a unique combination of visual and comfort benefits. The SoClear Family of lenses consist of a standard, aspherical cone, and progressive center-near design option. Intended for: Astigmatism correction Difficult single vision patients Oval Keratoconus Irregular […]

Rose K2™ Family

The most widely used keratoconus lens in the world! The Rose K2 family of contact lenses is a fitting set based series of designs to fit all corneal shapes, sizes and stages of keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, keratoglobus, LASIK-induced ecstasia and patients who have undergone penetrating keratoplasty. Provide exceptional visual acuity and reduced flare/glare from […]

Renovation® Multifocal

The Nation’s #1 Multifocal GP! The Renovation and Renovation E multifocal are developed with the needs of the mature presbyope in mind making it perfectly suited for patients with add powers of +2.25D or more. Intended for: All presbyopic patients, even those with an add power of +2.25D or higher Patients who need good vision […]


GP Scleral Contact Lens – ultimate control of the complete fit! Ampleye is a 4-Zone scleral lens employing Spline Science Technology to connect and smooth the lens junctions, making each zone independently adjustable. Intended for: All patients with irregular corneas Corneal GP intolerance Lens stability issues Patients with dry eye conditions or ocular surface disease […]


Unique, Novel Overnight Orthokeratology Lens System The MOONLENS is a unique contact lens product with a progressive lens design and fitting system that helps manage and temporarily correct myopia through a proprietary algorithm allowing more customization for each individual patient eye. Intended for: Myopia management Up to -5.00D myopia correction 1.50D astigmatism correction Approved for […]

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Resources & Forms
Lens Design & Support
We are here to help you deliver the most successful contact lens option to all of your patients. Our certified fitting consultants possess the design and problem solving knowledge to assist you in achieving that goal
Customer Care Center
Monday-Friday 6am-7pm EST
Fax: 800-648-2272

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